"When I was young I set out to change the world.
When I grew older I perceived that this was too ambitious,
so I set out to change my state.
This too, I realized as I grew older, was too ambitious,
so I set out to change my town.
When I realized that I could not do even this, I tried to change my family.
Now, as an old man I know that I should have started by changing myself.
If I had started with myself, maybe then I would have succeeded
in changing my family, the town, or even the state-
and who knows, maybe the world."

July 16, 2017

Things you think

What to think makes a difference. Say, one day you walked in a fish shop and happened to see a fish in a tank. Look. Let's say, it's a zebrafish. As you are looking at it, this fish happens to show some movements or behaviors, for some reasons.

What is this fish doing? The fish swims towards you. And you think, the fish probably sees you are giving food. To others, that fish probably wants to chase you away, because you look bad. Well, perhaps, that fish wants to look closer at your pretty face. Now then the same fish does not come towards you, instead, it stays away. And you think, the fish probably sees you are not giving food (stingy). Some think that the fish probably does not care or is afraid of you. It also seems that the fish is just tired and needs some rest. Oh, poor fish~

There is like a list of things one would think about the action of that fish. Funny. The thing is we don't know how that fish (in the tank) would see things about you. Neither do I know what you would think, after all. Hey, actually, that is a lovely fish~ (just a little fishy)
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March 31, 2017

Things about to happen

Many months or a year from now, I have already thought about it. At that time I knew things were going to happen somewhere some day.

What things? Okay, there were going to be something good and something probably bad. Well, it depends. Somehow, some people think it's right and some think it's very wrong. You see what have happened in the world lately (since last year). Look around us, and then look at the West and the East; also look at the North and the South. I know, it's a lot of things!

Alright, how do I know it? Of course, something is going to happen, anyway. Now I think we can expect something else is going to happen in the near future. Somehow. We can imagine something big or something small. But I definitely cannot tell you what exactly that thing will be. Trust me, good things will happen.
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January 17, 2017

People took my things

Yes, seriously. In fact, they just did it. People took my things away. How come?

Guess what. Well, you know right, the security of this place has not been perfectly fine. Things like that could happen, so do not leave your things unattended and be careful. But wait. Is it related to that song, "You took my heart away" (MLTR)? Although the "people" and "things" are more specifically defined for this one (funny huh). Otherwise, probably the next one. You see, sometimes, work is like a battle; sometimes you win, sometimes they win. Take it easy, bro. Are you okay? Things that people might guess, I think.

Okay, let me explain my situation. Here what I meant to say and the actual thing is... people from a moving and relocation company came to pack my things, which are ready to be shipped overseas to my new place. Everything good! And I got to go.

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January 04, 2017

Buying power!

My power has never been strong when it comes to buying things, which I underestimated. Because that's based on my performance in retail shops and department stores. But, when look at my performance in online shopping, just last months (so busy), I know my buying power is competitive!

The experience is different when compare to that in shopping mall. Walking in the mall for hours (sometimes), I might see a thing to buy and thinking if there is a cheaper one elsewhere, any other choices or other styles, and whether it is necessary to buy. After visited more shops/malls to reconsider, I might decide not to buy the thing for some reasons. So, this part is less fun.

When shopping online, everything becomes fast and easy in choosing and making a decision. It seems like a solution. But, paying for things I've never touched before and sometimes the delivery part can be still a bit problematic and insecure. Okay. Anyway, such kind of shopping has new fun. It does help unleash my hidden power of buying things (so many), especially the things I wanted and needed in preparation for this interesting year.
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