"When I was young I set out to change the world.
When I grew older I perceived that this was too ambitious,
so I set out to change my state.
This too, I realized as I grew older, was too ambitious,
so I set out to change my town.
When I realized that I could not do even this, I tried to change my family.
Now, as an old man I know that I should have started by changing myself.
If I had started with myself, maybe then I would have succeeded
in changing my family, the town, or even the state-
and who knows, maybe the world."

22 August 2016

Win the thing

A lot of things resemble some sorts of sports games. When we compete with each other, in some ways, to win a thing. Maybe some aim only to win over themselves. Basically we fight to win the thing. Didn't make it and try again. That spirit.

So, what is the thing to win?? Defining the thing can mean what we might actually win. Say in the Olympic games, one might fight to win some matches, another might fight to win a medal, and the next one might fight to win the gold medal. The efforts one needs to win the three different things vary relatively. So does the pressure one will endure along the way. Assuming that many other factors can be overcome, then it depends on each of us to set what is the thing to win. (not everything). What's worth fighting.

Last few days the Olympic badminton games were exciting. Great spirit. Well, Malaysia missed the first gold medal (Ahhh!! So... close) and still won several silver medals. Already fought hard. Already very inspiring.
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14 August 2016

Use "thing" with care

We try to explain something so people easily understand. People want to know it. But there are times we need to talk about some complex things. Things that people feel hard to get and remember. Say we might be an expert in a field/niche. Explaining complex things to people using expert-friendly technical words or jargon confuses more at the beginning. Non-expert and even half-expert people may not get what that thing is.

Try use "thing". Replacing jargon with "thing" when explaining complex things to people seems to make the things simple. Because the word "thing" is a general thing (that can be anything). We focus on the core idea. People begin to understand the core thing or message of the story, i.e. maybe what something does interestingly and how it works; therefore, more encouraged to know further.

But careful. We might further complicate things. Because it is general, we need to clarify the "thing" used when explaining things. Do not mix up several individual things involved in the story. Use "thing" for short story and it seems to work better for casual talk.

Looks like I have used "thing" with care here to explain some complex things.
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07 August 2016

An "island" thing?

People used to say, "No man is an island." Well, not only man. It sounds nice.

The thing is who wants to be "an island" actually. And, who became "an island" nowadays (with things like Facebook/Twitter). If you perceive nobody as "an island". Say we might be a talkative and social-able person. Maybe. We simply can approach someone around who looks like "an island" and talk to them. Maybe they often are alone and quiet (or introvert?) and sometimes need a company. It is okay to go for coffee/tea and a sandwich next time (not every times). Even can become friends.

But then, people say that you do not have to be nice to everybody. Does that mean should isolate/ignore some others (sounds like 'discriminate'?). So, like-minded people come together and run their own group--one rather bigger "island". (maybe not sound like "bias"). So do many other groups. Well, there may be good and bad at work and in life with the "island" thing. Also, it is a preference thing because people compare the groups. Some like to join one big "island" but not the other, and some are fine not "an island". We adjust it.

It is okay regardless of the "island". People.
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29 July 2016

Things with light

Today, more things that emit light are placed on the streets and in every buildings and in front of us (e.g. the Surface RT I'm typing) for a purpose. What's more have we learned about effects of light on our body/health. The eyes detect light with some photoreceptors allowing us to see the things. Besides, we may sense light without seeing and this is a thing.

Do we have those photoreceptors that are not for seeing things (non-visual ones)?? Yes, there are some in the eyes. And the thing is some also found in the brain. Not sure if they work though. Those things seem to function (i.e. to detect light) in the brain of birds, frogs, and fish. What they have to do with the body systems remains mystery.

My past work?? Say this review. I documented the location of those photoreceptors in the fish brain (organized in a map). Currently known ones. Those things are present in brain areas that seem to respond to light/dark. Also, they may communicate with major chemical systems in the fish brain that are similar among the brain of other animals. So, each of those photoreceptors is quite important.

How each of those photoreceptors does in the brain that controls body and behaviors of fish (e.g. maybe the timing fish develop/mature or spawn eggs, or the pattern fish sleep/move or respond to things) is next. Also hope to learn about those things in other animals.

Okay,  I wrote a neuro thing. Also have a little warm-up for upcoming job interview. It's time for me to fly overseas soon (maybe get to try Pokémon Go). First,  prepare to "catch" the job!!
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21 July 2016

Things inside human body

How long the things inside the body can last. Don't know exactly. How things can go wrong either. Anyway, we are still in good health because we take care.

The things inside the human body are designed to keep us alive/survive. Each of them has own job basically. There are things for digestion, things for breathing, things for waste control, things for sensation, things for protection, and other complex things. Okay, it sounds a little Biology.

Everyday we introduce things from the outside. Of course we need to take good things, e.g. food, drink, air (and etc.). The things that ensure our body to stay healthy always. If not, the things inside the body will go chaos and break down easily and even turn into something deadly (e.g. cancer). Sometimes, we might have taken bad things. Those tiny little things come inside and do harm and even become deadly (e.g. viruses, bacteria). Many times, these things are preventable/manage-able.

What if things go wrong?? Either because of the things inside the body turned bad or those bad things from the outside. One would panic at first (I know) and desperately ask questions... "what is that thing", "how come", "can it be recovered/removed", "what to do", "is there another way", "how long it takes", and maybe "how much time left". Not too bad after awhile knowing the answers (if there is a cure).

Start wondering how the things inside my body are doing now. I really need to check it out. Take a rest.
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12 July 2016

Connect things back

"You can only connect the dots looking backwards" (Steve Jobs).  Things are somehow connected.

Once upon a time, there lived a young man who had passion but was a little confused. A fresh grad (amateur and broke) living in a city. He had some ideas what he wants to become, but he knew very little of what that actually is. Later, the guy afforded his first-time trip to overseas (in his 20s) and backpack travelled alone, and he was amazed with things out there. But what had confused him stayed. He needed relevant skill training and work experience. Worst thing is, when tried to join a prestigious institute for training, he was told not qualified. (A little helplessly) the guy continued soul-searching. And never gave up.

Fortunately, a prestigious institute in overseas offered him a chance. Mere lucky!! He flied off and dedicated to get trained there. The experience in another country was eye-opening and he enjoyed seeing different things. Meeting different people. He had learned a new language and tried skiing and all sorts of things (e.g. ate a lot kimchi). Best thing is, the guy had got such an unique opportunity to explore what he never imagined that he can do. Sometimes things got difficult. He persevered because it's adventure (of a warrior??). Few years after, he completed the journey and returned from overseas. Still remember that he had one thing not finished.

The guy finally qualified for that previous institute and proceeded with advance training. Here, unexpected things happened. Critical thing is, there lived someone (like a special 'sifu') who had similar passion and was skilled in what the guy wants to become and knew what that is. He met the 'sifu' (not in a cave). A lot of learning for the guy since then and he was transformed. So he excelled. Although there were challenges to overcome. With support of friends and family and he was determined, so he made achievements eventually. Small ones to kickstart things. After the advance training ended... (back to the now)

Wait. It sounds like a 'Hero Story' version of my past. That's me!! I'm the guy, interestingly. The 'Hero Story' to be continued.
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